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Every decent web page has its Frequently Asked Questions section. Since I desperately want to look professional, I decided to add one as well.

Can I have a copy of your PhD thesis?

Of course you can. Here it is.

So you live / do research in Thailand?

No I do not. I live and work in Taiwan, which is about 4 hours flying from Thailand and culturally about as different from Thailand as Norway is from Turkey.

You're from Belgium. I assume this means you speak French at home?

Funny that many people still think that all Belgians speak French. In fact, around 60% of Belgian citizens speak Dutch as a first language, and I'm one of them.

You're a linguist. How many languages do you speak?

Hard question to answer. First of all, you have to realize that linguists study languages, they do not necessarily speak them. There are perfectly decent linguists that only speak a single language. Secondly, it is not really clear what you mean when you ask that you ask 'do you speak a language'. Do you mean that the person can have a fluent conversation about philosophy in that language, or are they just able to mumble a couple of words? I speak three languages fairly fluently: Dutch, English, and Mandarin Chinese. I speak some French and a bit of Bunun, and if I really have to, I can probably can produce something that sounds like German.