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From time to time, I appear in media or on social media. Here is a list of these appearances.

Radio and podcast interviews

An interview (in Dutch) from 17 October 2022 on De Ochtend, VRT Radio 1, discussing the Taiwanese reaction to Xi Jin-Ping's speech at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.


南島起源 [Austronesian Origins] (in Mandarin), a presentation on the origin of the Austronesian people broadcast as a part of the series Zalan 見識南島第二季 (episode 5) on 12 February 2022 as part of episode 5 of the series Zalan 見識南島第二季, TITV+, Taiwan.


A second interview (in Dutch) from 27 May 2021 on De Ochtend, VRT Radio 1, discussing new outbreaks of the corona virus in Taiwan.


A interview and accompanying article titled 布農語怎麼翻譯基督教新觀念?──跟著比利時語言學家去田調 (in Mandarin) from 26 June 2020 for the podcast 語言好好玩 (Linguistics is Fun), hosted by the inimitable 許逸如 (Xu Yi-Ru) on Mirror Media.


Interview (in Dutch) on the corona crisis in Taiwan from 4 April 2020 on De Ochtend, a news program on Radio 1, a Belgian national radio station. There are accompanying news articles here and here.


Recordings of classes

語言的人文與科學 / The Humanity and Science of Language (Fall 2020)

A series of recordings for the class 語言的人文與科學 The Humanity and Science of Language in Mandarin Chinese, offered in pre-recorded format in the Fall semester of 2020 because of the corona pandemic.